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Robert J. Shalek Award

1979       -   Arthur G. Haus - 1979 AAPM Summer School and Proceedings

1980       -   No award

1981       -   Stewart C. Bushong - contributions in medical physics

1982-84  -   No award

1985       -   Louis K. Wagner - book: Exposure to Pregnant Patients

1986       -   William F. Hanson - leadership at the Radiological Physics Center and ADCL

1987       -   Jack S. Krohmer - Medical Physics representation to local and national organizations

1988       -   Benjamin R. Archer - analytical reconstruction of x-ray spectra

1989       -   Ann E. Wright - advancing professional recognition of medical physicists nationally and within Texas

1990       -   Kenneth R. Hogstrom - graduate education of physicists and research in electron beam dosimetry

1991       -   Gary D. Fullerton - national and international leadership in medical physics and contributions to research and             education

1992       -   Arthur L. Boyer - education of graduate students and radiotherapy professionals; research in conformal                          therapy and application of FFT

1993       -   Marilyn Stovall - computer dosimetry of brachytherapy and education of radiotherapy professionals on its use             TLD dosimetry service for QA

1994       -   David L. Goff - professional service to the ACMP, ABMP, and Texas Board of Licensure for Medical                                Physics consulting medical physics service in South TX

              -   Louis B. Levy - education of graduate students and radiotherapy professionals; professional service;                               consulting medical physics service in San Antonio

1995       -  Raymond M. Wilenzick - leadership and professional contributions to AAPM, ACMP, and LSRO; clinical                         service and teaching in radiation oncology

1996       -  Michael D. Mills – leadership of AAPM and ACMP sponsored Abt Study report; contributions to ACMP-                          sponsored “Survey of Physics Resources for Radiation Oncology Special Procedures”

1997-2013  -  No award

2014       -   Russel Tarver - Leadership and professional contributions to AAPM and SWAAPM, clinical service and                          teaching in radiation oncology

2015       -   Niko Papanikolaou -  Research, Teaching and mentoring graduate students in Texas and professional                            service to SWAAPM and Texas Board of Licensure for Medical Physics

2016       -   Rajat Kudchadker - Professional service to SWAAPM and leadership in the developing and coordinating an                    ABR mock exam for the chapter members

2017       -   John Gibbons - Significant contributions to education and AAPM through professional service (regionally &                     nationally) having served in approximately 50 appointed positions.  

2018       -   Steven McCullough - Service to the chapter as Treasurer 2012 - 2020, instrumental in many SWAAPM                          annual meetings promoting the membership, and serving as chair/member on AAPM committees.

2019       -   George Starkschall - Mentoring and education of graduate students at MDACC, contributions to CAMPEP,                     and overall impact on medical physics education.

2020       -   Kenneth (Kip) Matthews -  Significant impact through research, education, and professional service.                               Pivotal contributions to imaging research and synchrotron CAMD beamline research.

2021       -   Brent Parker  -  Attend the 2022 SWAAPM Meeting award ceremony April 8th @ 5PM CST to find out more.

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